Services We Provide:
We take -Glamour shots     -Kids Portraits         -Weddings            -Couples pictures   -Anniversaries
-Head shots          -Modeling Portfolio  -Sweet Sixteen      -Quinceañera         -Pets
-Photo Montage        -Black And White prints

About the Photo Sessions:

For Weddings, Sweet Sixteen and Anniversaries you are required to make a security deposit of 30% of the total value when booking
your date and it will be held  and accounted to the total price of the package. Total amount will have to be paid in full at the event.

Sweet Sixteen,  Quinceañera,  Anniversaries, or Weddings

Wedding/Quinceañera/Anniversary package #1
Includes  180 prins/ only big pictures will be edited (  11X14, , 20"x30" )  4 locations only : your house, Church/ 1 park/ reception .
Engagement pictures are optional and are not part of the package.
If you need an extra location a small traveling fee will apply (depending on the distance).

1 CD with the same/extra pictures  {color,b/w, and sepia and
you choose the pictures}

A signed release under your name so you can print the pictures anywhere you like

We combine your pictures with a touch of Photojournalism and Studio Shots (if you choose the package with a backdrop)
For more information about the package please give us a call.

We have more packages and different prices. Please give us a call for more information.

Note: You will get a great deal on the packages compared to other photographers, most of them they only give a bunch of small
pictures and only a couple of 8X10's , and  11X14's or not even that.

The prints on the packages will be the ones that you select.

There is an additional charge for borders,effects etc.

If you need only  the video for your event we have a very reasonable price.

IMPORTANT: If customer cancels  the event(weddings,sweet sixteen, anniversaries,Quinceañeras only) there is not refund of the
security deposit.

We also have an emergency service,in case you need a photographer for your event the next day or so ( if you call the same day you
are having your event we might not be available)

Glamour pictures and Modeling portfolio: You are asked to bring many different outfits, jeans, shoes, and accessories,  or
anything you look good in.
You will need to do your own make up, we don't have a make up artist or hair stylist so do your best to look great(available by request
only and extra fees will apply).
Note: Have plenty of time or at least 2 hours of spare time. Photo sessions require a lot of time for changing, fixing hair, make up, etc.

Kids pictures: You are asked  to bring many different  outfits in different colors, jeans,hats, shoes and accessories,or anything they
look good in.
Note: Have plenty of time or a least 2 hours of spare time. Photo sessions require a lot of time for changing clothes, fixing hair, etc.

Couples pictures: You are asked to bring many different outfits in different colors(so you can match the colors of your
partner),bring also different colors of shoes and a pair of jeans and accessories or anything you look good in.
We don't have a make up artist or hair stylist, so do your best to look good(Available by request only and extra fees will apply).
Note: Have plenty of time or at least 2 hours of spare time. Photo sessions require a lot of time for changing clothes,fixing hair, make
up, etc.

Weddings, Anniversaries, Sweet Sixteen:  
We don't charge an hourly rate so we'll be there when you are at the ceremony and at the reception.
We know that a special occasion like that can be stressful and busy that is why we will take as many pictures as possible without
interrupting you that much or you can let us know who do you want your pictures taken with.
Note: You will choose the pictures that you like the most and therefore those are the ones that  will be printed.

Pets pictures: Not much to explain, just bring that furry friend and his/her clothes in case you have them and some treats to make it
look at the camera.

We also offer different photo papers and different sizes at your request.

For any question you may have you can call us at (208) 246-9976 or send us an e-mail to

Se habla Español.

Recuerde que  las fotografias  son lo mas importante porque esas seran parte de sus memorias en el futuro.

Nuestra meta en Fashion Photography es darle un buen servicio por un buen precio razonable.

Con Fashion Photography usted obtendra calidad no cantidad.

Recuerde: usted paga para que sus fotos salgan muy bien.

Todo servicio de publicidad tiene un costo y por lo general anunciarse en una revista o en una estacion de radio no es
barato y el costo usualmente "se le pasa al cliente" por lo tanto para mantener buenos precios en nuestro trabajo no
nos anunciamos en ni una revista ni estacion de radio para no incrementar el costo de nuestros servicios.
Romyto Studios and Fashion Photography
Con Fashion Photography No damos una foto bonita y el resto bien simples.Usted no
paga para que sus fotos salgan simples
No damos cientos de fotos de "relleno" para hacerle creer que usted recibira cientos y
cientos de fotos por muy poco dinero.
Recuerde usted nos paga para que todas sus fotos salgan bien bonitas y de calidad