About Our Business

At Romyto Studios(aka "Fashion Photography")  we strive to
give you a good service and have a great experience.
With  more than 12 years of experience in photography we do
our best to satisfy your needs.
Our business was originally located In Southern California.
We are conversant in Adobe Photoshop and we make sure
that our customers will look their best. That means your
pictures will be edited and corrected. Facial flaws will be
removed or improved, wrinkles will be part of the past in
your pictures.
You as our customer will have a relaxed and friendly
experience in your photo session. That is very important to
us so you'll look relaxed and happy on your pictures.
Our job is to make you look great and rest assure you will,
otherwise there is no point in taking the pictures.
We use state of the art equipment and have different
backgrounds and also a variety of digital backgrounds and
photo props.
We also offer different photo papers and different sizes at
your request:
  • Kodak Professional Portra Endura: Accurate color, realistic
    saturation,excellent neutral flesh reproduction and brighter colors.
  • Metallic Paper: Offers a unique pearlescent surface and flesh tones
    look natural.
  • Special black and white paper

Compared to some of my local latino competitors that do this business on
the side,this is my full time profession.

Romyto Studios And Fashion Photography